Guardian Angels of 2-year-old save him with a help of a farmer

As a kid, hearing that we have a guardian angel who looks after and takes care of us was a source of great relief. As we grew up, that belief slowly slipped away from our hearts. Reading this story and watching this video will restore your belief.

2 year old saved by farmer
Jacob Vargas © KSBW News

It was a usual day for 2-year-old Jacob Vargas, he was off to day care perfectly strapped in his car seat. What happened within the next few hours would be a traumatic experience for Jacob as well as the entire Soledad (California) area.

Guardian Angels of 2-year-old save him with a help of a farmer
© California Highway Patrol

Jacob’s father had an inkling that he has left the door of his home open and he just went ahead to get, leaving the car unattended. Those few minutes were enough for carjackers to take the car away. Father was shocked as the car had his baby strapped inside. He immediately called 911 and an Amber alert was sent across the state. It was matter of great worry and Jacob’s parents were imagining the worst.

Something Made The Farmer Drive Down An Untraveled Path. What He Found - A MIRACLE!
© Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

Police was hopeful as generally carjackers are not kidnappers and there was a possibility that they may abandon the car somewhere realising that it has a baby in it. But as we said, guardian angels look over us. A bit far away, John Given a farmer got a feeling that he should visit his ranch. A place that he has not been to for past 6-8 months. When he was crossing it, he saw a car parked in a shed with no whereabouts of anyone else. He decided to peek inside and saw Jacob. The divine intervention worked, John immediately informed the police and the boy was reunited with his parents.

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Divine Intervention Saves A Missing Boy
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Had it not John’s intuition we don’t know what could have happened to the little Jacob. Watch the coverage of this wonderful story here and send a small prayer to your guardian angel.

Divine Intervention Saves A Missing Boy