Fulfilled bucket list at 5 because he may not live anymore!

Travelling the world at the age of 5 and fulfilling it all in this early age surely brings Nkaitole into one of the luckiest person in the world, not until you know why!

Nkaitole was taken on an adventure ride across Kenya to fulfill all his dreams. Nkaitole is a 5 year old boy who had never been out of his village and dreams of becoming a Masaai warrior. He had been given chance to play soccer in the national stadium. He beat the fastest man in the world, took a massage, went on a boat, got on a plane, got to see the vast ocean extending in front of him and he also got his first kiss.

This all was indeed a life changing and fairytale story that he could get to live. But the reality behind Nkaitole’s adventures is heart breaking!

Nkaitole is a resident of a village named Amboseli, Kenya, which suffers from a very poor water problem. The water there is so dirty and inedible that 1 out of 5 children in Amboseli do not make it past the age of 5. And this is the reason Water is Life foundation chose him to get his bucket list fulfilled before any mishap happens.

5 year old bucket list water is life video
He also got his first kiss. © youtube screenshot

Clean drinking water is a basic necessity for life and many villages are suffering from dirty water supply.

The worst nightmare is when children as young as Nkaitole don’t survive for more than 5 years and are still unaware of the reason. Water Is Life makes initiative for us all to help provide clean water to the lesser privileged areas to give childlike Nkaitole a chance to live their life and see more days. Because dreams may come true and would feel good to live them but with death standing at the end of it is not something anyone wants!

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