Meet the man who planted a forest

Next time you are feeling dejected or wondering how much your small act of kindness with effect the bigger picture, think of Jadav Payeng. His story will inspire you to keep going and achieve what seems impossible. Jadav Payeng is an Indian man of Jorhat district who has on his own planted an entire jungle. Yes, you read it right, an entire jungle. To help you understand the scale of it, this jungle is bigger than the Central Park of New York. Singlehandedly planning a jungle seems like a goliath of a task but he achieved it; though it took him 37 years to do so.

It all started in 1979 when Jadav Payeng saw that the areas next to his village are losing its greenery. The reasons were many, from agricultural expansions, housing to industrial development. Government was not paying attention to this issue that’s when he decided to take matters in his own hands. Started with planting trees in a waste land and cared for the plantations and the trees. Today this jungle expands over 550 hectares and houses various animals like elephants, endangered single horned rhinos, deer, tigers and various species of birds.

Jadav Payeng is an inspiration and a live example of what can be achieved by small acts and perseverance. When he started his journey he never thought that his small step will be this successful, he just kept doing what he felt was right. Today, he is a local hero and has been rewarded ‘Padma Shri’ by the Indian Government. He plants more and more trees and the resists the animal poachers and the wood cutters to spoil the beauty of this wonder. His beautiful and inspiring story is captured in this video, watch it and share it to inspire people to keep going.

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