This inspiring story of conjoined twins is so powerful!

Siamese twins or conjoined twins are basically two people having a common body. This is a pre-birth condition and effects thousands around the world. Different parts of bodies are conjoined and it’s a miracle of nature that many of them reach a ripe age.

This is the story of Pin and Pan, conjoined twins from Thailand. Pin is a girl and Pan a boy, they are conjoined down their waist i.e. they both have separate heads, torsos and hands but one leg each. Each leg is controlled by one twin. It’s amazing how these two have come over their condition and try to lead to a normal life. They have learnt to walk, swim and even cycle without any problems, an amazing example of coordination.

conjoined twins pin and pan thailand
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Pin and pan live with their grandparents. Though they are different from other kids, their grandparents describe them as normal, happy kids. They joke, eat, play games, sing like other kids and have similar dreams. What is special is when asked that if they could lead separate lives and would ever like to be separated, prompt came the reply no. They both want to be together forever as they are each other’s best friend.

Imagine never ever have to feel alone, some say it’s an intrusion of privacy and some will say it’s a blessing. Truth is, it’s everything about perspective. How we see life is how we make it. Pin and Pan have all the reasons to be angry with the world but choose to be happy. Something that we all take for granted, our bodies, our individuality is taken away from them still you won’t find an ounce of anger in them.

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Watch this lovely video for the inspiring tale of Pin and Pan. We just send best wishes and blessing to these two angels.