Prom is a landmark event for every school going teenager. It’s a day of dressing up and having a great time, a day that has been planned and waited for a long time. A very important part of this experience is having your parents’ video shoot and record the entire event. Aleena was going to her prom but her father was not around.

Aleena’s father had died in a tragic event couple of years back when he was attending a routine call and was shot and killed. Aleena’s father Kondak was a police officer from Tarpon Springs, Florida. It was heartbreaking for a teenager to lose her father at such early age. Since then, the colleagues of Kondak has rallied around her and has been constantly in touch.

Girl Misses Her Father On Her Prom, What Her Father's Friends Did For Her Will Warm Your Heart

On the day of her prom, Aleena was obviously missing her father very much but she didn’t knew the beautiful surprise awaiting her. She dressed up and along with her date sat on the school bus. When she alighted to walk towards her prom there were more dozen policemen waiting for her. They all had come to show support to the kid that she is not alone. There was a small poster too with her and her father’s photos. It was such a sweet gesture that got everyone around emotional.

See the video of the entire incident here. Sometimes God puts really difficult moments in pour lives but the truth is he also ensures that we come out of it. For Aleena missing her dad on such an important day was natural.

Girl Misses Her Father On Her Prom, What Her Father's Friends Did For Her Will Warm Your Heart

This story has two very beautiful messages hidden in it; first, do good deeds and have such goodwill that your loved ones are taken care even after you are gone. Second, go out and take some extra effort to make someone feel really special. We really commend the effort take by Tarpon Spring Police team.

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