A simple gesture connects the girl and the police officer; changes the girl’s life for good!

Klynn Scales had seen a rough childhood with was in a house that mostly had drugs, neglecting adults and an environment full of violence. No matter she did not find peace in the house while had trust issues about her safety and security.

Around the house was 7-eleven where she along with her two brothers resorted to stealing food and filling up stomach. And during her childhood there was one police officer who used to daily pass her house. The 9 year old Klynn used to wave at him every day and somehow confided in him.

After 20 years, woman finds hero officer who helped her through troubled childhood
© facebook / Klynn Scales

The police office had become her trust even though she did not know his name. He even happened to promise to her that he would save her life.

One day when the police office didn’t find the girl waving at him, he immediately knew something is wrong and went into the house. Klynn was found collapsed and unable to breathe. The police officer rushed to hospital with her and saved her life. Klynn had lived most of her childhood with the words of the officer saying that he would save her life and this was a moment she saw coming true.

girl waves to cop every morning
One day when the police office didn’t find the girl waving at him. © facebook / Klynn Scales

However with time the office was placed from Kansas City, Missouri to Texas and the two could not connect.

Two decades later, Klynn wrote about her story and a lady from the Kansas City police department went searching for the police officer.

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Two decades later, Klynn wrote about her story
Two decades later, Klynn wrote about her story. © facebook / Klynn Scales

It was then that Sgt. Jeff Colvin received a surprising email about the little girl. We always think if we made a difference in someone’s life and here was one for Sgt. Jeff Colvin. The both finally united and Klynn couldn’t believe that this could happen in her life. She wishes to have an impact on someone’s life just the same as Sgt. Jeff Colvin had on her and make this world a better place to live!

Read her post:


Jeff, I bet you didn’t know being a 2 year officer, that you was going to come to a call, and keep a pinky promise to a little girl, that one day almost 20 years later, came looking for you.

I remember that night, I was scared for my life as I ran out the house to call 911. You arrived on scene, who knew that night was going to be the night I was going to meet my guardian angel and hero.

I made you pinky promise me that you would come back the next day and make sure my brothers and I were safe. You kept it, and showed up the next day, and the next day, until you showed up pretty much every shift. I don’t think you understand how much that meant to me.. I was all alone and fighting battles bigger than me. I never showed you the pain I was in, seeing you made that pain go away. I put a smile on, just like I do now.

You saved my life, literally. But you gave me the tools to become a warrior. You told me to protect my family and brothers, to never give up, to always stand up for what is right, and to never allow anyone to destroy the smile on face. I still got the smile!
Jeff, you wore a bracelet on your left wrist of a fallen officer name Russell Mestdagh, who was killed in the line of duty. You wore that bracelet everyday, to remind you to always watch your back, until the day it broke.. now I have that original bracelet.

Well.. now it’s my turn to wear a bracelet dedicated to you, and to my future career.. I will wear this bracelet, in remembrance of you, and the officer I would love to become.
I am dedicating my career to you! Thank you for everything you have, and continue to do..

Future sister in blue,
Klynn Scales

The both finally united and Klynn couldn't believe that this could happen in her life.
The both finally united and Klynn couldn’t believe that this could happen in her life. © facebook / Klynn Scales