The story of the man with upside down head will blow your mind

Life is what we make out of it. The inspiring story of Claudio Vieira de Oliveira is a live example of that. Born with an upside down head, you can call him a miracle of nature.

Upside Down Head, Life’s Philosophy Perfectly Straight

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis that affected his spine and limbs. In simpler terms, his head is not erect but rest backwards on his shoulders and the limbs are contorted. You may not even comprehend the physicality in the first look. This deformity is a good enough reason for anyone to give up living and envy everyone who is ‘normal’. Not for Claudio though, in fact you may find him one of the most cheerful people you have ever met. His love and respect towards everything with life is so inspiring.

His love and respect towards everything with life is so inspiring.
His love and respect towards everything with life is so inspiring. © Barcroft Media

When he was born, doctors suggested his mom to let him die. But mothers are made of some special mettle, she raised him with love, joy and care. She also passed on great emotional strength to her son. While growing up, Claudio learnt to walk on his knees, hold a pen using his mouth and learnt to be as independent as possible. Today Claudio is 37 years old, is well educated and works as an accountant. He is a popular motivational speaker and has also written a book.

He is a popular motivational speaker
He is a popular motivational speaker. © Barcroft Media

Sometimes life writes the toughest tests in our luck but people like Claudio ace that test with flying colours. His journey tells us that till the day our spirit is not broken; life can be lived in all of its glory. Many of us from the ‘normal’ world may get disheartened with a heartbreak, losing a job or by not looking perfect physically. Look beyond and take inspiration from this man who fought with his fate and has not only survived but has made a place for himself in the world.

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Watch a video here and see this wonderful human being and get inspired to chase your dreams.