A man escape death from seconds

Few seconds are enough to change the course of your life. If you look at it, we all live our lives few seconds away from death. Cheating it and escaping it.

What starts as an ordinary video of someone capturing his drive keeping a camera on his dashboard turns into something of what action movies are made up of. On the right hand side, we could see people moving around casually on the pavement. Everything was normal and hunky dory.

a man escape death from seconds
a man escape death from seconds. © youtube screenshot

Look out for a blurry man in a red sweater, walking with a phone in his hand. After taking few steps, everything is normal. Then suddenly a huge steel pillar, we are assuming of a mobile tower or a construction site falls right where this fellow was standing a second back. Just a second back. The force of the pillar was so much that it crushes an advertising sign board next to it. Just imagine what would have happened if that fellow had not taken that step. We know, this would have been a very gory video.

Sometimes we need to sit back and count our blessings. Its sheer luck of that red sweater fellow that he took that additional step and moved just a step away from his death. We are pretty sure this fellow must have acquired a new sense of living and would be appreciating his life way better. There is an Indian saying that when the lord intends to save, no one can kill that person. Fits perfectly with this incident.

Watch this video and see the amazing dance of life and death. Share it to make your friends appreciate the time spent together a bit more.

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