Men in uniform pull out a man out of burning car

Sometimes we land up in situations when we just need a miracle to stay alive. And sometimes those miracles do happen.

Driving down the highway, we cross a lot of police patrolling cars. We in general, don’t pay much heed to them. We don’t know the kind of bravery these guys put up in their daily jobs. An incident that happened in Montgomery few days back is a clear example of what the police men do in their line of duty.

Officer Cody Field is an officer with Montgomery County police and one evening while patrolling the highway, he saw something really worrying. There was a car that was on fire and the worst part was that there was a man stuck inside. He ran towards the car trying to absorb the damage and the possible solutions for the situation. The door was jammed and the man was stuck. Fire was catching and Officer Field knew that they don’t have much time.

man rescued from burning car video
man rescued from burning car video clip © youtube screenshot

Right then, a veteran officer, Officer Nesbit who was accompanying Field ran towards the car. Both the officers started pulling the man outside. The cars seat-belt was not letting the man to come out. These policemen kept trying, with fire catching on their clothes. At the last minute they pulled him out. That man was safe with some injuries but his life was saved.

This entire incident was recorded in the police dashcam camera and we have put it up here. An example of humility is that these officers didn’t share the footage of the entire incident with anyone. They give it up after a colleague insisted and post that the world came to know the heroics acts to these wonderful officers here.

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Watch the video here, you will appreciate the bravery, humility and the heroics of our men in uniform. Share it and inspire more people to do so.