Kate and David restored life in their child with a hug!

Miracles don’t happen easily and when they do, they happen with just a touch, in this case – literally! The doctors and parents had given all hopes until the mother did something wonderful which brought back her child to life!

Kate and her husband David had been more than happier on realizing that after years of prayers they were finally expecting a child. And after the doctors told them that they are going to have twins, their family seemed to be complete.

They had been spending days into planning and deciding the names of the child until the early labor hit. Kate gave birth to the twins early and they had been kept under supervision.

When they wanted to see the child they were treated with confusion in determining the gender of the babies they had given birth to. But after the doctors confirmed, they said the baby boy who was to be named so dearly a ‘Jamie’ couldn’t make it. The news shattered the hearts of Kate and David and all they could do was hold the baby and lie down crying.

Kate and David restored life in their child with a hug - miracle baby
This Baby Was Dead Until Mom Did THIS! © youtube

David started weeping badly when Kate was holding the baby and trying to console him. They held Jamie close and showed him the love they had been having with him since the time they had known about the babies.

This is when the wonder happened! Baby started showing signs of movements and before anybody would know, the baby was attended by doctors and made to be in the warmth and soft cocoon of the parents. Jamie did come back from the unsaid! Love and warmth from loved ones is indeed the most life changing things and who would have thought it would help restore life. The miracle indeed proves that skin to skin connection is real! Hug more! Touch more! Let the love flow and create life!

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