This miracle baby took 3 ultrasounds to confirm her heartbeat!

Child birth is a life changing event of life and couples have been so much in wait for living these moments that it hurts to see some couples who after several attempts are not able to live the joy of giving birth. For Candace and Dennis it was their third attempt at having a child after two miscarriages and they had been very thrilled about it.

It was about 6 weeks into pregnancy that Candace started witnessing the cramps and cravings that come with pregnancy and got her pregnancy confirmed. Everything was going good until in the 8th week Candace felt a lot of cramps and bleeding which made them rush to the doctor. This did not give them good news. Candace had been pregnant with a child but the child’s heart was not showing any development. The baby showed no heart beat!

no heartbeat 8 weeks baby lived
The baby showed no heart beat! © youtube screenshot

Ultrasound tracks down every body movement and the pumping of the heart through a pulsing spot on the scan. But there were no signs of it there. The couple went on to have two ultrasounds through two different places to confirm if there is any mistake in the equipments of machine problems but both the times they were treated with the same news. Doctors had lost hope but Dennis kept his calm and had been courageous throughout.

He did not lose his hope and faith on god and after returning to home Dennis read scripture over the baby and prayed for his wife and child. The couple then took another chance from the doctor at the Ultrasound and this was indeed a miracle! The baby’s heartbeat was there and baby showed signs of development. This was a miracle story which the couple and the doctor witnessed on their own and are still amazed at the magic. The baby later was named Grace a name as apt as she had been to Candace and Dennis.

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