Amazing Invention that will help Millions

Ask any scientist or inventor on why they work so hard, they all will reply ‘to make the world a better place’. They strive hard to ensure that humanity keeps moving ahead in the right direction. We salute their constant efforts and hard work.

The doctors and engineers of Minneapolis, VA has invented a special wheelchair that makes the lives of quadriplegics of the world relatively easy. They have designed an upright wheelchair that stands erect when required. The benefits of this wheelchair is plenty and when introduced in the market, it will bring a revolution of sorts.

Amazing Invention that will help Millions

Wheelchair bound people go through a lot of emotional and mental issues. After dealing with the trauma and the pain of the disability they also have to go through a difficult phase to adjust themselves with the world. Most of them feel invisible to the world, as they fall below the eye level due to their wheelchairs. This standing wheelchair will help them see eye to eye, move shoulder to shoulder. Also, continuously sitting on wheelchairs adversely effects bone health, blood clots, UTIs etc and adds to their troubles. Moving around in an upright position will help the users avoid these issues.

In this innovation, hand wheels help the users to erect the wheelchair. There are million and millions in the world who can benefit from a wheelchair like this. This innovation will also make the users more reliable and independent, the possibilities are unlimited.

Watch this amazing innovation here in this video. Check it out for the love of science, the need of innovation to solve day to day problems and the fantastic efforts put together by the doctors and engineers together.

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