Technology has brought in many solutions to ease out human problems in the past century. We must be thankful as it has taken a lot of burden and anxiety off our shoulders. One on the recent advancement is ‘Angel Eyes’ installed at University of Kansas Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

‘Angel Eyes’ is basically a camera that has been put in each incubator of infant kids. This camera than beams the live stream to an app that can be easily accessed through a mobile or tablet. What’s special here is that the camera is hidden and is completely safe and it doesn’t disturbs the baby at all.

"Angel Eye" Watching Over Little Angels. Amazing Technology That Allows Deployed Father 7,000 Miles Away To Look At Infants In Incubators On Their Phone
© / ‘Angel Eye’ installed at University of Kansas Hospital

The heartwarming point here is that this has eased many aches of parents of these infant kids. Pre mature kids are kept in incubators and are taken away from their mothers. Mothers ache to hold and look at their newborn but till date they could do that only from a distance. This technology has really helped in that matter. It’s also beneficial for parents who are far away from their kids like those posted off shore on a defense requirement. All they need is to open their phone and look at their angel on the screen.

'Angel Eye' installed at University of Kansas Hospital
© / ‘Angel Eye’ installed at University of Kansas Hospital

All this has been done only because of a special grant of $73000 given by Royal Charities.

Watch about this wonderful technology and see a father looking at his daughter, 7000 miles away from home.

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