Claire’s fifth birthday was a fairytale

Childhood is too pretty a time to battle with a disease like cancer and so her parents on making her feel how much she is loved. They made her fairytale dream come true !

Little Claire is a 5 year old girl who had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was 3 and a half years old. She has been battling with cancer sing then and her parents have been taking care of her in every way possible. There are obviously moments of breakdown and time when you realize the risk they are living with. And so we should never leave a chance to tell them how much they love them!

5-year-old girl with cancer becomes princess for day
Magical moment when 5-year-old girl with cancer becomes a princess for a day. © youtube

It was Claire’s 5th birthday and her parents wanted to make Claire’s birthday a very special one. They wanted to make her dreamland fairytale come true for real. And so they organized the birthday celebration in a grand way to make her live the fairytale.

Claire came out of the house in her prince charming’s arms with a big bunch of cheer leaders cheering for her. They walked across the path made by the cheer leaders up to the white chariot which took Claire to her birthday venue. The chariot took her through hundreds of neighboring houses all of who were standing outside with presents and posters and even flowers to shower on her. They had their wishes lined up.

Claire then reached the venue and cut the cake and rejoiced the celebrations. Claire’s father told that they wanted to make Claire feel how much she is loved. After all the celebratory feelings when they asked Claire how was it, she in her sweet tone exclaimed “I Liked It!”. Her parents were happy that their daughter indeed loved the sweet gestures they had lined up for her and prayed for her long life.

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Magical moment when 5-year-old girl with cancer becomes a princess for a day