‘Courageous Caitie’ Honored with wedding-themed service

This story will warm your heart and break it in the same moment. You may have heard about Caitlin Lucas, a 3-year-old girl, who suffered a rare blood cancer called juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia. The tiny angel’s upbeat nature and strong belief in god touched everyone’s heart. She was very well known in social media as her parents shared her brave journey and struggle through photos on Instagram and Facebook.

courageous caitie wedding-themed service story

A Wedding Themed Service For 3-year-old Beloved Young Daughter, Who Suffered A Rare Blood Cancer - This Story Is About Hope & Loss

'Courageous Caitie' Honored with wedding-themed service

But what was bound to happen, happened. Caitlin left for heaven leaving the struggling body behind one day. What happened at the service is something that shows the courage and bravery of her parents! Instead of having a normal service they decided to have a wedding instead. They said they are marrying off their daughter to Jesus. They wanted a happy ending of Caitlin’s story.

The entire venue was decorated as a wedding. When the casket entered Caitlin was given a royal salute by her favourite movie characters, an army of Storm Troopers. Caitlin’s parents said they want to hear congratulations instead of condolences. Caitlin was a brave girl and she thoroughly believed that the lord will cure her. May be this is the only way she could have been cured.

During the service, Caitlin’s mother dressed in pink talked about the beautiful soul her daughter is and as she gives away her, she hopes now Caitlin will be happy. Before closing the casket one last time, a ray of sun fell on Caitlin illuminating the entire surrounding. It seemed that God was telling her it’s time to go.

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Watching Caitlin’s photos of struggle and ultimate victory really gives us perspective. This little angel was so tiny but the courage and the positivity inside her was exemplary. While we are scared of facing our daily lives there is someone out there fighting for their life with patience, courage and belief in god.

Share this incredible journey of Caitlin, may be one of your friends need to reaffirm their belief in God.