Eve’s song for her father is heartbreaking yet gives hope!

Eve Clair is a sweet little girl who has a gifted voice and this song sung by her for her father is the ultimate love gesture she could bring up to boost him up!

Eve Clair’s dad had been a wrestler in his college days and had been an ardent fan of the song ‘Eye of the Tiger‘. He had been into the habit of listening to this song right before his matches which he believed would always life up his spirits and boost him up. And now he is battling with a cancer and doctors are of the view that he has only 5 per cent chances of survival.

girl tribute song for dad battling cancer
Eve’s song for her father is heartbreaking yet gives hope! © youtube

With each day being a sad story, it was becoming difficult for the family to keep their hopes high and because cancer is indeed another battle that Eve’s dad is fighting she thought of the perfect way to boost up hope.

She came up with the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ song in her voice and recorded the song for her dad. The song speaks so much of positiveness and bravery that one shall never be able to feel sad or disheartened.

This is pretty much her gift to her dad to tell him that she loves him very much and they will fight through it with courage and vigor. Eve Clair is a brave girl and knows how painful it is to watch parents survive through a disease.

Listen to the song and it will make our heart melt with pain! Sometimes prayers work more than medicines and treatment and right now all they are in need of is prayers. Your love and prayers can change a lot in their life and help save a life. Listen to the song to know how bravery takes place and gather as much support as you can for Eve Clair’s dad!

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