Unable to even walk, watch this little angel dance with the Royal Ballet

When a child suffers, parents suffers too. But when that child dreams, not only parents but also the universe dreams with them. What happened here with Charlotte Bottger will warm your heart and will restore your faith in humanity.

little girl never walked done ballerina
Charlotte Bottger with her father © facebook / Neil Bottger

Born 10 weeks early, Charlotte Bottger struggled in her initial days in the world. She had to be cared at hospital for first seven weeks after her birth. Very soon, her parents were informed that their little darling suffers from Cerebral Palsy. A disease that affects the brain and that ultimately effects the overall growth and function of the body. Doctors announced the Charlottle will never be able to be walk on her own. A news of this kind can break the heart of any human being let alone the child’s parents.

Charlotte Bottger
© facebook / Neil Bottger

But when your child dream, the universe rallies to support that dream. Charlotte Bottger’s started a fund raiser called Charlotte’s Angels and started working hard to make their kid walk. The world responded and the small kid was sent to America for a special surgery to alter her structure enough to walk. This came with a long and painful physiotherapy sessions. But you know what was Charlotte’s dream? To be a Ballerina.

Charlotte Bottger's started a fund raiser called Charlotte's Angels
© facebook / Neil Bottger

Universe supported her this dream too, she performed with none other than The Royal Ballet’s David Pickering and Sander Blommaert at the Royal Opera House. These two are maestros of ballet and are known the world over. Watch this adorable video of little Charlotte practicing to achieve her dream and be a part of her courageous journey.

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In our hardships we often forget to dream. Sometimes we dream but believe that it is impossible to achieve. Look at Charlotte Bottger, a kid with Cerebral Palsy who dared to dream to walk, a dream to dance. Dreams are the vision and courage is our feet. Share this video today and inspire someone to be courageous too.