Dad traveled miles to hear her daughter’s heartbeats, raises organ donation awareness!

In Baton Rouge, Jack Jr. Loumoth suffered a heart attack at the age of 21. As it was a congenial heart defect his condition was critical and immediately needed a donor for the heart. The doctors put him on ventilator and said it is only days that he shall live.

dad bikes to hear daughters heartbeats
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Across 1400 miles in Cancun, Mexico two children of 20 and 23 years named Abbey and Austin respectively suffered a spike in their drinks and was immediately hit with unconsciousness. They were found in swimming pool and taken to hospital directly. While Austin survived, Abbey’s brain had frozen to death.

father bikes to hear daughters heartbeats
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Abbey had wanted to donate her heart and was on machine to find a suitable recipient. It is at this moment that the miracle hit.

Dad traveled miles to hear her daughter's heartbeats
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Jack Jr. was the available choice and Abbey’s heart went to him for survival. There were other recipients too for 3 more organs of Abbey. The operation had been successful and soon everyone returned to their normal life when out of the blue a letter was received by Jack asking if he could meet up as he had his daughter’s heart. It was Abbey’s dad!

Dad Cycles 1,400 Miles To Hear Her Heartbeats Inside Recipient Boy
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In a campaign to raise organ donation awareness, Abbey’s dad cycled from Madison to Florida covering about 2600 miles. On the midway he reached Jack Jr. who lived in Baton Rouge roughly at about 1400 miles where he could hear his daughter’s heart beats. As they both met, jack handed a stethoscope to Bill for him to listen to his daughter’s heartbeats. Jack said that she saved his life which wasn’t repayable by anything.

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Dad bikes 1,400 miles to hear deceased daughter's heartbeat
© Facebook / Bill Conner

Bill and Jack went emotional during their meet and celebrated their father’s day together. Bill is on raising awareness about organ donation and says not to be selfish to bury when you can choose to save others life!