What the nurses did for this little girl will make your day

Nurses are angels sent form heaven on a mission. Doctors work hard on a patient but it’s the nurses that spends the maximum time caring for them. We have seen many cases where nurses went out of their way to make a patient comfortable and the when the patient is a 3-year-old battling with cancer, the stakes are high.

Cancer can be cured but the process of recovery sucks out the life out of you. Thousands off kids go through this painful disease and emerge victorious too. Though they lose out on a lot a fun, parties, outings and school. The role of the nurses grows tremendously for cancer kids, as they become their friends and confidants during the long stay at the hospital.

We came across this adorable video of Nurses having a dance off with a little girl. The shaved head and the tiny body shows the troubles her body is going through but her spirit wants to dance. The nurses join her in this little dance off, doing all the moves of the video. All this while keeping an eye on the tiny kid next to her making sure that she doesn’t over do her dance.

This video will surely warm your heart and will bring a smile to your face. We say a silent prayer for the tiny soul for her early recovery and gratitude to the nurses for being so sensitive. We also hope our little dancer grows up with all the energy to follow all of her passions.

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