When you feel like doing something, it is best to go for it. At times all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.

This couple was a part of a hosting program in 2016. They hosted two orphaned siblings who are from Easter Europe. This was done so that they would be able to experience how it feels like to have a family and a life in America.

Couple Adopts Four Siblings And Captured Their Family's Reactions. The Outcome Made Me Smile From Ear To Ear

However, during this incredible program they fell in love with these two kids. These siblings seemed adorable to them and within a short span the couple decided to adopt them. But, then they got to know that these siblings have two younger brothers too.

This didn’t stop them either, they decided to go ahead with the paperwork for all the four kids!! Yes! All four of them.

Well, when their friends and family learnt about this step these are the reactions that they gave. This heartwarming video left me teary eyed for sure.

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